The focus is on -often limited, elsewhere unavailable- physical releases (vinyl, CD, MC) of labels beyond the musical mainstream, representing the whole Hungarian indie scene regardless of musical genres. The fair is attracting 600-800 visitors each year.

The ILF knowledge base: we organise lectures, roundtables and interviews reflecting on relevant topics e.g. distribution, copyright issues, business administration.
Besides the record collectors we also thought of children and lovers of live music: all day there are concerts, live acts, DJ sets performed by artists of the prticipating labels. We also have a kid’s corner where our little visitors can create they own hand made record sleeves.

Our goals:
We aim to give an opportunity to interested audiences to discover new labels, find interesting releases and support the labels by purchasing their products directly from them. On the other hand we provide a platform to the labels where they can meet in person, exchange experience regardless of musical genres.

The fair:

  • More than 90 participating labels
  •  Releases in all genres: jazz, folk, electronic, punk, latin, hip-hop…
  • Lectures, roundtables reflecting on the local indie scene
  • Partnership with the Hungarian Association of Independent Labels (HAIL)
  • Live performances by artists of participating labels